What’s New in Photography?: The Top Photography Trends of 2019

Photography Trends
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In the United States, there are about 152,000 photographers making a living. 

The world of photography is always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up on all the different trends that are popping up.

So what’s new in the world of photography? Check out this guide to learn about the top photography trends of 2019.


Photographs are always a classic, but people are also looking to videography as well too.

If you are interested in being a wedding photographer, you may also want to look into making videos as well. More and more couples are requesting videos of their special day, and it can really help bring the memories back to life.

Thanks to social media and phones having high-quality cameras, videos are becoming more and more popular. 

Bright Colors

One of the important photography trends is taking pictures containing vibrant colors. 

Especially in summer, oranges, reds, and yellows are important for making your photos stand out. When fall time comes, you should switch to warmer tones, but the colors should still be vibrant and not muted. 

Candid Photography

Instead of taking posed photography, candids are popular now. 

In 2018, posed, sensual stares into the camera were extremely popular. However, candids are now taking over.

If you’re not aware, candids are photos that are taken to make the subject look like they were caught off guard. These photos come off as more authentic by not having the subject pose. 

As technology becomes more advanced and people become more attached to the digital, they are searching for new ways to connect with people. By seeing candids, people feel like they can connect more with the people in the picture because they are seeing into their lives. 

Full Frame Photography

Full frame photography is also still trending. 

These full-frame photography cameras have sensors that can capture larger pixels for your picture. That means that the picture you have will be of a higher quality and have less noise in the background as well.

Some photographers don’t care about this, but if you are going to be making large prints of the photos, you definitely want to follow this trend.

You can also buy different kinds of lenses for this kind of camera as well, so you can use it for any kind of photography. 

Different Perspectives

Different perspectives are also a popular trend now. 

Instead of shooting at something head-on, try to think of other ways that you may be able to see a new perspective. For example, instead of shooting the ocean from standing straight up, you could take a picture from the perspective of down in the sand.

This will make your pictures stand out from all the rest of the other ones of the same subject. 

Vertical vs. Horizontal Photographs

There are two types of pictures you can take: vertical and horizontal photographs.

However, you should start taking photographs vertically versus horizontally. With social media, photographs being shared are more vertical than not. Most people take photos on their phones with that orientation, so social media caters to those types of photographs more than horizontal photos.

While some photographs need to be taken in a horizontal format, the majority of the ones you should take should be a vertical orientation. 

Nature Travel

Another trend is taking pictures of nature. A lot of photographers will travel to scenic, fewer touristy places to photograph the earth’s beauty. 

People will look on Instagram to figure out where they should travel to next, and nature photography is a good way to get in on this trend. 

With technology expanding, people are also becoming more environmentally conscious as they travel. Because people are seeking connections, they may feel more connected with pictures of nature. 

Aerial Photos

Drones are becoming incredibly common, which means that more and more people are taking aerial photography. This offers a different perspective and gives people a chance to see the whole picture.

As drones become more popular, the cost of them will go down and average photographers can begin to afford them. If you plan on doing a lot of nature photography, having a drone will be a must. 

However, before you use a drone in a new area, you should check to see what the laws and rules are for flying one. 

Vintage Flairs

Old, vintage stuff is making a comeback, and that even applies to photography now.

Vintage flairs added to the photography is popular on all the Instagram feeds. You can find it in a lot of summer photography.

Vintage flairs are most commonly added to photos of regular, everyday things to give them a little bit more character.

Film Photography

Another old thing that is coming back is film photography.

People are taking a lot of pictures with film filters, but film cameras are also coming back. Taking pictures with these can be a great look for your portfolio, but it can also be fun and help you delve further into your photography career. 


Minimalism is a concept that is becoming a way of life, and a way to shoot in photography. 

Lately, this trend has just been gaining even more momentum than normal. People anticipate that it’s not going to go away for a while. Instead, it may become even more prevalent even in advertising and web design, thanks to how bombarded we are with information daily.

Minimalism forces people to notice small details, and stop and reflect on life and what they are looking at. Just because an image is minimalist doesn’t mean that it is boring. 


Lastly, an important trend to make sure you follow is to maintain your individuality and uniqueness in your photography.

With the rise of social media and smartphone cameras, everyone has the ability to be a great photographer. It can be difficult to stand out amidst the crowd, but if you stay true to your photography and artistic talents, people will notice you.

Follow These Photography Trends Today

These photography trends are some of the most popular ones this year.

Trends in photography change all the time, so it’s important to keep up with them. However, it’s also important to make sure that your equipment is up to date as well.

If you want to learn more about these trends, you can check out this full-frame photography portfolio

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